Drivengine for
Secure and Sovereign
Cloud Solutions

In an era where data breaches and unauthorized access can have catastrophic consequences, Drivengine by Concorde Asia stands as the beacon of secure, sovereign, and sophisticated data management. Tailored for the public sector and commercial entities, Drivengine empowers organizations to take full control of their data, ensuring it is shared and monetized securely and efficiently.

Why Choose Drivengine?


Unmatched Data

Drivengine operates on a private cloud infrastructure, ensuring that your data remains under your control and jurisdiction. Unlike public cloud services, which may be subject to foreign legislation such as the CLOUD Act, Drivengine guarantees that your data is stored and managed within a secure, sovereign environment.


Robust Security for
Sensitive Data

Security is at the core of Drivengine's design. With meticulous access tracing and advanced pattern recognition, Drivengine provides a fortress for your most sensitive data. Whether handling national security information or confidential financial records, Drivengine's secure architecture ensures that only authorized personnel can access
your data.


Seamless File
Storage and Sharing

Drivengine delivers dynamic and scalable storage solutions tailored to your organization's needs. Its advanced sharing capabilities facilitate secure collaboration among teams, allowing you to share information confidently within trusted groups.


AI Automation

Leverage the power of AI with Drivengine's integrated automation features. From intelligent data classification to sophisticated access controls, Drivengine uses cutting-edge technology to streamline your data management processes and enhance operational efficiency.

Understanding the
CLOUD Act and Data Security

What is the

The CLOUD Act (Clarifying Lawful Overseas Use of Data Act) is a U.S. law that allows American authorities to access data stored by U.S. cloud service providers, regardless of where the data is physically located. This means that data stored on such service providers could be accessible to foreign governments, posing a significant risk for sensitive information.

Why is Data Sovereignty

For the public sector and financial institutions, data sovereignty is not just a regulatory requirement–it's a critical security measure. Using a private cloud solution like Drivengine ensures that your data stays within your control, protected from external access and compliant with local regulations.

The Ideal Solution for the Public
Sector and Financial Services

Customized Security

Drivengine is designed with the highest security standards, making it perfect for sectors where data breaches could have severe implications. With features like detailed access monitoring and secure sharing, Drivengine ensures that your data is always protected.

Controlled Sharing
and Collaboration

Facilitate secure and efficient collaboration with Drivengine's closed group sharing capabilities. Whether you're managing classified government projects or sensitive financial transactions, Drivengine allows you to share information safely within designated groups.

Compliance and
Peace of Mind

Stay compliant with local regulations and avoid the complexities of foreign data access laws. Drivengine's private cloud infrastructure ensures that all data remains under your jurisdiction, giving you peace of mind and confidence in your data management practices.

Maximized security with active collaboration.

How Drivengine Transforms Your Data Ecosystem

Extensive Backup And Redundancy Option Off The Cloud, For Every Data Snapshots

No Data Loss
By Default 7 years of FSI Statutory Backup, Recoverable For All Authorized Data Deletion

Data Access Secured And Audit Trial Can Be Activated For Sharing Traits

The Backend

Data Redundancy,
Data Loss Protection
& Data Security

Completely stored in local renown cloud service provider, all the data in Drivengine is backed-up extensively and offers maximum data redundancy for every data snapshot.

For example, in financial services industry, 7 years of statutory data will be backup in a warm or cold model. All authorized data deletion is still recoverable from Drivengine's back end.

There will be no unauthorized access to the backend data. The data is exclusive only to the user.

Extensive Backup and
Redundancy for Critical Data

1. Local Cloud Service Provider:

Drivengine partners with renowned local cloud service provider, leveraging their robust infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies to ensure the highest levels of reliability and performance. By storing data within the confines of a trusted local cloud environment, Drivengine offers enhanced security and compliance with regional data protection regulations.

2. Maximum Data Redundancy:

Every snapshot of data in Drivengine is backed up extensively, employing a warm or cold backup model to ensure redundancy and resilience.
For critical data, such as statutory records in the financial services industry, Drivengine retains backups for up to 7 years. This ensures that
historical data is preserved and readily accessible whenever needed.

3. Recoverability and
Data Resilience:

Even in the event of authorized data deletion, Drivengine's backend infrastructure guarantees recoverability. Deleted data remains recoverable from backups, providing peace of mind and ensuring data integrity is always maintained.

Ironclad Security Measures and
Exclusive Access ControlsCritical Data

1. Unauthorized Access Prevention

Drivengine's backend data is shielded from unauthorized access through stringent access controls and encryption protocols.
Only authorized users with proper authentication credentials can access the backend data, ensuring that sensitive information remains exclusive and protected from external threats.

2. Exclusive User Ownership

In Drivengine, each user maintains exclusive ownership and control over their data. Your information is yours alone, and no unauthorized entity can access or tamper with it without explicit authorization.

3. Secure End-to-End Encryption

Data transmitted to and from Drivengine is encrypted using state-of-the-art encryption algorithms, safeguarding it against interception or unauthorized access during transit.
With end-to-end encryption, your data remains confidential and secure at every stage of its journey within the Drivengine ecosystem.

Information Sharing Scope
Information Sharing Route
Time Based Behavioral
Data Exchange Patterns
Source Data Author
Data Modification Tracking

Permanent Data
Usage Footprint

Drivengine support information sharing group, close group chats and file sharing, as well as information usage pattern analysis. This will help to curb suspicious data access thought they are used by an authorized person, in an authorized environment.

Source data is permanently traceable to original author no matter any deletion is performed by any party in between. This can provide single source of information, as well as protection of intellectual property. Every snapshot of data modification will also be tracked in a blockchain if the government like to commission a blockchain cluster.

Secure Information
Sharing and Collaboration

1. Information Sharing Groups
Drivengine facilitates seamless information sharing among designated groups, enabling teams to collaborate efficiently while maintaining data security and confidentiality.
Whether sharing documents, discussing projects, or exchanging ideas, Drivengine provides a secure platform for collaborative work.

2. Close Group Chats and File Sharing
Close group chats allow for confidential discussions within a select group of authorized users, ensuring that sensitive information remains private and protected.
File sharing capabilities enable users to exchange documents and files securely, with full control over access permissions and sharing settings.

Advanced Usage Pattern
Analysis for Suspicious
Activity Detection

1. Curbing Suspicious Data Access:
Drivengine's usage pattern analysis feature monitors user behaviour and access patterns in real-time, helping to identify and mitigate suspicious activity.
Even authorized users operating within authorized environments can be subject to scrutiny, ensuring that data access remains legitimate and secure.

2. Proactive Threat Detection:
By analyzing usage patterns and detecting anomalies, Drivengine can proactively identify potential security threats and take preemptive measures to prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Traceability and Protection
of Intellectual Property

1. Permanent Source Traceability
Drivengine ensures that the source data is permanently traceable to the original author, regardless of any deletions or modifications performed by users.
This traceability not only provides a single source of truth but also offers robust protection for intellectual property, safeguarding against unauthorized replication or misuse.
Additional layers of security and transparency for sensitive data.

2. Blockchain Integration for Immutable Recordkeeping:
Drivengine offers the option to integrate with blockchain technology, allowing for the tracking of every snapshot of data modification in a secure and immutable ledger.
With blockchain integration, governments or organizations can commission a blockchain cluster to provide additional layers of security and transparency for sensitive data.

Trust Drivengine for Secure Information Management and Intellectual Property Protection

With Drivengine, you can rest assured that your data is not only securely shared and managed but also protected against unauthorized access and misuse. From close group communication to advanced usage pattern analysis and blockchain integration, Drivengine empowers organizations to safeguard their intellectual property and maintain the integrity of their data in today's complex digital landscape.

The single Artificial
of all
ministerial information

By importing all universal ministerial information, including secrecy and privacy data onto Drivengine, we can assure that they are protected to the highest scale possible in the local data centre.

Drivengine also come with connected AI that will digest all allowed and authorized data so they can arrange, ingest, analysed and featured to provide any data driven analysis to the users.

This is immensely helpful to the operation, efficiency, intellectual and accurate informational use of all existing data. Human has limited speed, capacity & ability to digest and analyze huge amount of information compared to AI.

Piloting AI is vital in every sector especially in a highly competitive industry!

We Revolutionizing
Ministerial Information
Management with
Artificial Intelligence

In the realm of ministerial information management, Drivengine emerges as a transformative solution, integrating cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to elevate data analysis, operational efficiency, and decision-making processes to unprecedented heights. By centralizing all universal ministerial data, including sensitive information, within a secure local data centre, Drivengine ensures the highest level of protection while unleashing the power of connected AI to unlock insights, drive efficiency, and empower informed decision-making across all sectors.

Centralized Ministerial
Information Management

1. Comprehensive Data Protection:
Drivengine serves as the fortress for ministerial information, offering robust protection mechanisms to safeguard sensitive and confidential data stored within the local data centre. By adhering to stringent security protocols, Drivengine ensures that all information, including secrecy and privacy data, remains shielded from unauthorized access or breaches.

2. Universal Data Integration:
Drivengine acts as the central repository for all ministerial information, consolidating data from various sources and departments into a unified platform. This integration streamlines data management processes, enhances accessibility, and fosters collaboration across ministries and government entities.

Empowering Data-Driven
Analysis with AI Integration

1. Connected AI Capabilities
Drivengine's AI-driven features serve as the cornerstone of its transformative capabilities, empowering users to unlock actionable insights and drive informed decision-making. By leveraging connected AI, Drivengine can analyse vast volumes of data, extract relevant information, and provide valuable insights to users in real-time.

2. Intelligent Data Ingestion and Analysis
Drivengine's AI algorithms are adept at ingesting, organizing, and analyzing vast amounts of ministerial data with unparalleled speed and accuracy. This enables users to uncover patterns, trends, and correlations that may have otherwise gone unnoticed, empowering them to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Enhancing Operational
Efficiency and Accuracy

1. Automation of Routine Tasks
Drivengine's AI capabilities automate routine tasks, freeing up valuable human resources to focus on high-value activities. From data processing and analysis to report generation and decision support, AI-driven automation enhances operational efficiency and reduces manual workload.

2. Accelerated Decision-Making
By providing timely and accurate insights, Drivengine enables expedited decision-making processes across ministerial departments. Whether identifying emerging trends, assessing policy impact, or optimizing resource allocation, AI-driven analysis accelerates the pace of decision-making and enhances outcomes.

Unlocking the Full Potential
of Ministerial Data with AI

Drivengine's integration of AI represents a paradigm shift in ministerial information management, offering unparalleled capabilities to unlock the full potential of data-driven analysis and decision-making. By centralizing data within a secure environment and harnessing the power of connected AI, Drivengine empowers ministries and government entities to operate with greater efficiency, intelligence, and agility in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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